Here are testimonials from happy users of the SteelClass videos:

“These online classes were amazing, They were very informative and easy to follow. And not to mention never before has reviewing been so quick and easy due to the ability to listen to a class lecture as many times as you want.”

Rob Gonia

“The video’s were incredibly helpful to look at whenever I found a place in my notes that wasn’t clear. Professor Hawk explains everything and writes the notes in a clear and concise manner.”

TL Brewer

The video lectures you posted were most beneficial when I missed the actual lectures due to illness and vacation. It was nice to still be able to have you talk through the lectures on the videos because some important material was not written, but stated in the lectures. The video lectures essentially allowed me to attend the lectures after they had been given without having to rely on a fellow students notes, which can be less than complete.

Mike Grengs

1) They were easy to hear and understand. They were not muffled or fuzzy from being an online course.

2) The audio matched up exactly to what was happening on the screen. The audio did not lag behind what was occurring on the screen.

3) The material was clear, concise, and simple to follow.

Thank you again for working around my soccer schedule,

Nick Barclay

“The online lectures and notes worked great for me because due to my wrist problems I wasn’t able to take notes during class. With the online version I can print the notes and also re-watch the lecture if I don’t understand something in the notes! Also, gives you opportunity to really listen in class without stressing about getting everything

written down. Finally, if your sick you don’t have to stress about what you missed or falling behind in class because everthing is recorded and posted the very same day!”

Nazzarena Zorzi

“The online lectures were a great asset to the class, especially if you were out sick for a day. It allowed me to easily catch back up on the missed lecture, so that i did not fall behind in the class.”

Nik Schriener

The class was fun and informative, and used real world examples. Professor Hawk taught us how to use the AISC Manual to solve problems. He is also extremely approachable outside of class and will help you with any problems you may have, even if the question does not have anything to do with the class work. Having lectures online helps for completing homework and studying for tests, as a complete lectures are at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Eric Guerreiro

I really enjoyed my steel design class. Steve Hawk was always enthusiastic about what he was teaching and had some great examples. If I ever missed a class or did not understand something, I could easily go back to his recorded lectures and re-learn it. They were great because it was like being in class all over again and it made understanding the material much easier.

PS- The Super Flex I Beam was awesome!

Therese Pflaum

“The lectures were a great compliment to the book. They explained a lot the book didn’t and made the material much more easy to learn because they followed the book so well.”


John (Mac) Gills

I’m just writing to let you know my thoughts on your videos. I personally find them very helpful. I have actually referred to them quite frequently and they have been a great aid in clearing up something that may have confused me in class. I also like the lecture notes that you post as well. I think you do a great job making use of Blackboard and using technology.  I wish that in some of my other past classes that the same organization was employed. I also like how you actually work your way through the book and follow their layout. It’s nice

going through the book, chapter by chapter, and knowing where you’re at both in the lecture and in the book. I liked taking this class and enjoyed your teaching style.  Keep up the good work!

Mike Yoshihara

I find it very effective and it’s quite helpful to be able to go back and “relive” a lecture when I get stuck on homework. I reference the videos fairly regularly. I also think it’s helpful in class; I have terrible eyesight an it’s nice to have big notes that don’t have a teacher standing in front of them.

Ian Anderson

The Video Lectures are awesome, they have really good quality and it is nice that I can also hear the class discussion as well. Thanks for doing the video lectures, it really is like I’m not missing any classes!